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Who’s paying for a minimal blogging platform?

1826 accounts exist on Mataroa. 67 of them have subscribed to the Premium Plan. But why did they? Who are these people? Are they people?

Exploring Premium Users

  • 16 premium accounts (24%) have exactly zero posts.

But, that's not even the worst thing:

  • 6 premium accounts (9%) have set a custom domain without configuring their DNS records, resulting in a website that doesn’t work. One of them has even redirected to a Notion website, but they keep paying.

Out of the rest of the premium users:

  • 9 premium accounts (13%) have a single post
  • 36 premium accounts (54%) have more than one post

People pay and they get no value. Maybe they don’t care about $9 per year. Maybe they just want to support Mataroa?