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Update on rubbish content

After a long and arduous journey that lasted more than two years, 5399 Mataroa blogs have been manually and carefully screened. 54% of them were rubbish and have been deleted. Spam, SEO tricks, scam porn links, everything that contributes to the web’s terrible state was there. But we no longer serve them. At least we don’t contribute to that.

2868 terrible blogs have been deleted. No empty blogs have been deleted, nor any blogs which have one post titled "Test". These are by honest humans and we want to keep them.

But post with titles such as "How to get the best mortgage in Minnesota" or "Best plumber in London" or with content such as:

Are you looking for a bathroom screen that perfectly matches your style and needs? At XYZ Shower Screens, we are committed to creating premium Semi Framed Shower Screens for every type of bathroom redesign.


It is a common fact that the color is the most important aspect of your room decor. A good combination of color and furniture will create a perfect atmosphere. If you are not sure what color to choose, then the best option is to choose a neutral color. Neutral color will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also get advice from expert interior designers in Mumbai.

...have been deleted.

However: feel free to advertise your projects, stores, selves, anything. The requirement is that it’s not automated or made for robots. Feel free to also write low quality content or sign up to test something or write controversial content whether it’s pornographic or claims that the sky is always pink!

There is also a new signup form which somewhat limits bots — or at least makes it easier to screen them.

That’s all for now. Onwards to the next iteration of this problem!