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Reopening registrations with new rules

Registrations are now open on Mataroa.

New rules are: no lame advertising.

Examples of lame advertising:

Are you looking for a bathroom screen that perfectly matches your style and needs? At XYZ Shower Screens, we are committed to creating premium Semi Framed Shower Screens for every type of bathroom redesign.



It is a common fact that the color is the most important aspect of your room decor. A good combination of color and furniture will create a perfect atmosphere. If you are not sure what color to choose, then the best option is to choose a neutral color. Neutral color will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You can also get advice from expert interior designers in Mumbai.

Or an article with this sentence:

Therefore, when you hire a company, a team of professionals will work on your project and deliver the best results.

That, we consider lame, and it gets immediately deleted. We also send an export of all contents to the author's email (if they have one). The only reason we do this is for the unlikely case the content isn't copy/paste or automated.

All the above examples are considered lame ads because of their content. Characteristics include linking multiple times to the same url—the website they advertise—and nowhere else, as well as, containing raw HTML (anchors, strongs, ems et al.)—which mataroa strips. This content indicates that the author doesn't care about the text; it's just copy and paste.

However: feel free to advertise your projects, stores, selves, anything. The requirement is that it's not automated and lame.

Feel free to also write low quality content or just sign up to test something. There are lots of test accounts with nothing but a single post named "Test"—we don't delete those.

They are by real people.

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