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Redirect to new domain

On we have a quite unique feature: “Redirect to new domain”.

The idea is that you start your blog on mataroa, but eventually want to get off it. For one reason or another the mataroa platform is not covering your needs anymore—and that’s ok.

Naturally, you have shared your mataroa subdomain to all your friends and Twitter network, and posted your posts on Reddit. How sad it would be if those stopped working.

Blog Settings: Change redirect domain

Not at mataroa! We have the groundbreaking kick-ass feature that enables you to redirect all your visitors to your new non-mataroa blog domain—just set it on your account settings.

Isn’t this awesome? We will even redirect blog post paths as /blog/post-slug is a pretty common pattern.

Blog visitors will only see the new domain once they are redirected there and the logged-in mataroa user will see this notice:

Notice for the blog owner